Red Carpet Events
Red Carpet Events
Red Carpet Events

Red Carpet Events

High-profile Events Need Low-profile Event Management

The most effective solutions operate invisibly in the background.

Big events are stressful and planning a premium experience comes with a unique set of challenges. We work with planners to gain an in-depth understanding of guest preferences and expectations to develop tailored solutions for a successful event.

Every guest interaction should be seamless and positive.

GuestDeck offers simple, yet comprehensive event registration and speedy check-in solutions while allowing planners to make real-time modifications to guest data up to the very last moment.

Your event management solution should alleviate anxiety, not add to it.


  • Make last-second changes in GuestDeck's event admin and have them updated across our different solutions in real-time

  • Quickly check-in guests and receive alerts when VIPs arrive

  • Ensure guests are seated at the right tables with their specified meal preferences

Recommended Solutions




Reach out to new and current contacts, and increase attendance at your event.

  • Distribute branded email invitations that draw attention to your function

  • Invitations connect with GuestDeck's registration forms to collect guest data in a quick and seamless process




Collect the specific data you need to ensure a seamless experience when your guests arrive.

  • Choose from basic to comphrensive registration forms to capture all the information your event requires

  • Offers secure online purchasing of tickets, tables, sponsorships and more

Event Site

Event Site

Event SiteEvent SiteEvent Site

Increase brand awareness, drive customer engagement, and generate excitement for your event.

  • Our virtual event platform allows guests to enjoy the festivities through live streams, participate in networking activities and more.

  • Create a fully branded event site designed to match corporate and marketing materials

Event Admin

Event Admin

Event Admin

Get more done in less time and prevent issues before they come up.

  • Review and manage event data, generate real-time reports and allow the entire planning team to work in one unified environment

  • Facilitates data updates in real-time across GuestDeck's different solutions – allowing for last-second changes to be reflected everywhere, instantly

Floor Planner

Floor Planner

Floor PlannerFloor PlannerFloor Planner

Plan more quickly and create a memorable dining experience by seating your guests in the perfect spots.

  • Assign guests to the appropriate seats on a visual display quickly and accurately.

  • Ensure guests are seated with their groups and at the correct price / sponsorship tier of tables

Mobile Check-in

Guest Check-in

Guest Check-inGuest Check-in

An effortless check-in process means your guests spend less time waiting in line, and more time enjoying the event.

  • Ticket scanning and digital guest lists deployed on mobile devices for smooth and expedient check-ins

  • Receive notifications when specific guests or VIPs arrive and can be combined with real-time, on-site badge printing